We are an individualize company who specializes in providing quality service you can trust.

Unlike many other cleaning services with a revolving door of employees, the principals of Custom Pro work directly with clients to provide consistent, scheduled, and professional cleaning service.

Aside from receiving quality service, clients will also recognize their cleaning crew, as the same team members will be servicing your home from Day 1 to Day 100, which allows clients to build a trustworthy relationship and confidence with their cleaning crew.

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We exist so you don't have to worry about cleaning anymore. We believe that our customers can be more productive and happier without the stress of keeping a house or an office clean and organized.


Adriano Ferreira and Fernando Targa, in 2000 began working for former principal Cliff Petitjean, who owned the cleaning service company for 25 years.
In January 2005, Cliff resign ownership of the business. Adriano and Fernando keep the business running and built a professional and dependable working relationship with the clientele.
Adriano and Fernando, named the company “Cliff’s Cleaners.” As the company began to grow, Adriano and Fernando, expanded the range of cleaning services offered to clients and renamed the company to Custom Pro Modern Cleaning Solutions to better reflect this change.




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